Abyss Life

Founded in 2013, Abyss Studios is an independent developer located in Burbank, California. Abyss Studios develops immersive, surprising, exciting and fun video games!

Hugh McCullom


Hugh McCullom started Abyss Studios because he wanted to build the games he and his friends wanted to play. He holds a B.Arch in Architecture and a BA in Game Art Design. He is an artist first, but has taken on the responsibilities of running a company to make his vision come true. Sadly, Hugh bears a strong resemblance to a younger Ashton Kutcher, which unfortunately is absolutely repulsive to women everywhere. More of Hugh's work can be found here: hughmccullom.com

Randolph Heard

Creative Director

Randoph Heard has written for everything from The Tick to the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as for live-action television shows, video games, and online MMOs. In 2013, he noticed that Hugh McCullom had been looking at his LinkedIn profile a lot, and he accused Hugh of stalking him. Instead, Hugh asked Randolph to join Abyss Studios, which he happily accepted. More info about Randolph can be found here: @ IMDb

Nate Hallinan

Art Director

Nate Hallinan has created art for everything from feature film posters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6 to concept art for numerous video games, films and commercials. He has worn many fancy hats throughout his career, such as being an Illustrator, Matte Painter, Key Artist, Art Director, but most notably and frequently a Lead Concept Artist. An array of Nate's artwork can be found here: natehallinan.com

Curtis Hyman


Curtis Hyman is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, its financial reporting and transparency, and for multiple corporate functions including Investor Relations, Human Resources, long-range planning, corporate strategy and other stuff we found too boring to list here. Also, Curtis has had a lot of experience doing this stuff and is very good at it.